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Here at BRD Vet Rx, we call ourselves an equine vet compounding pharmacy. You know that our passion is to help horses achieve the happiest and healthiest lifestyle possible, but what exactly makes us different from a non-compounding vet or pharmacist? 

What Does A Compounding Pharmacy Do?

Animals need prescriptions for medications, just like humans do. Sometimes, people need custom combinations and dosages of medications to achieve their desired outcomes. This is called “compounding” – or “to make whole”. These combinations create a medicine that can’t be achieved with normal formulas. 

Not all doctors are trained on how to compound medicine, but you can visit a certified compounding pharmacy to ensure that you get medication that fits your individual needs. Compounding pharmacies follow Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Extra-Label Drug Use regulations, and the pharmacist will make the drug based on their client’s (veterinarian’s) suggestion.

How is A Vet Compounding Pharmacy Different Than One For Humans?

Just like how the compounding pharmacies we go to are for humans, vet compounding pharmacies specialize in making custom medications for animals. The veterinarian determines what the animal needs, and will then compound the medication themself or will hire another pharmacist to do it for them. 

The vets and pharmacists who work for vet compounding pharmacies study animal health, so that they can confidently determine what is in the animal’s best interest. Every pet owner wants to know that the medication that they buy is safe, legitimate, and the right combination of drugs for their animal. BRD just happens to specialize in horse medications – and we are proud of it!

When Should You Go to A Vet Compounding Pharmacy?

There are a variety of reasons why someone may need to take their furry friend to a compounding pharmacy. The overarching answer is that a standard vet pharmacy cannot provide the right medication to their pet. Here are some examples of reasons why someone may be directed to a compounding pharmacy:

  • Their pet has an allergy and the ingredient must be removed for their safety
  • They may need a higher or lower dosage than the standard
  • The animal may not be able to swallow a pill, so a vet pharmacist needs to create a paste from the crushed up pills
  • Their pet is picky, so the compounding pharmacist needs to add flavoring to the medicine so that they don’t spit it out

Your primary veterinarian will prescribe the compounded medication if they believe that the commercial options are not the best choice for your pet. They will provide a recommendation for a vet compounding pharmacy, and you will be able to have them make it for you.

Why Choose BRD Vet Rx?

There are lots of options out there for equine vet compounding pharmacies, so how do we stand out from the rest? Our story started in 1925 when we opened our doors to help horses live their best lives. Since then, we have almost 100 years of equine compounding experience! 

We provide expertly-crafted sterile and non-sterile compounds, meaning we can serve almost any need for your horse. We believe in compounding the optimal formula for your horse’s needs at a fair and honest price. In addition:

  • All Pharmacists and Technicians are fully licensed and meet the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) 797 and 795 requirements.
  • We follow USP guidelines and use only FDA approved Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.
  • Provide fast reliable shipping while meeting medication requirements.
  • Ensure all sterile compounds are tested for potency and sterility.

View our products here, or contact us today to see how we can best help you and your horse.

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