FAQ – BRD Vet Rx


How do you validate the quality of your products?

We use multiple third-party laboratories to perform sterility & endotoxin analysis on each batch of sterile compounds

We are routinely inspected to ensure compliance with USP 795 and 797

BRD performs post-filtration filter integrity testing using the bubble point method to ensure the filter maintained function through the sterilization process

BRD conducts continuous environmental monitoring and routinely has an independent third-party inspect and certify our Primary and Secondary Engineering Controls

We only compound with pharmaceutical-grade active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and purchase only from FDA-registered suppliers.

BRD maintains a master formula database as well as batch records for each compound preparation. This allows us to track individual prescriptions back to the original record.

BRD has systems in place for handling complaints, sterility failures, and adverse events.

BRD routinely performs time-temperature studies on our shipped packages to assess temperature during transit.

As an equine compounding pharmacy, BRD only sells to registered veterinarians. If you are a veterinarian and would like to register with us please contact us HERE.

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