PCAB Approved

At BRD Rx, we are specializing in veterinary medicine which ensures each of the equine compounds we make are free of bacteria, endotoxin and fungi. We send our compounds to be analyzed by an FDA approved laboratory. We also perform lot testing for potency which means we test to verify the strength of the compound.

NOTE: If you would like us to send you a COA (Certificate of Analysis) on any of our compounds you have or would like to order our products, just let us know.

PCAB Gold Seal of Accreditation - Veterinarian Compounding Pharmacy - Quality Compounds - BRD Vet Rx

Compounding Pharmacy Since 1925

BRD’s story began with a compounding pharmacy started in 1925.  With nearly 100 years in compounding experience, we currently focus on delivering both sterile and non-sterile compounded equine prescriptions for veterinary use only. Our goal is to give veterinarians high quality compounds at a fair price. Browse our products today.

Quality Assurance

  • All Pharmacists and Technicians are fully licensed and meet the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) 797 and 795 requirements.
  • We follow USP guidelines and use only FDA approved Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.
  • Provide fast reliable shipping while meeting medication requirements.
  • Ensure all sterile compounds are tested for potency and sterility.

BRD Vet Rx, Equine Pharmacy for Licensed Veterinarians Only

We only sell directly through licensed veterinarians.  Please register for an account, once approved, you will receive a login email to view prices and place orders through the site. If you have any questions or concerns, call us at 844-447-5422.


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