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Why Should I Practice Good Horse Hair Care?

Easy, breezy, beautiful…Coverhorse? Just like humans, a horse’s mane can be the focal point of style and elegance. Horse hair care is an important part of hygiene and the overall grooming process, so let’s learn how to take the best care of those luscious locks.

Healthy grooming habits have a variety of benefits when it comes to your horse. Most horses enjoy being brushed, and it’s a good time to bond and build trust. It also helps keep your horse clean by removing dirt and dander that can negatively affect the skin.You can train your horse by having them be still, calm and having their hooves handled. It’s also a good time to check your horse for unusual cuts or abrasions.

Beauty From the Inside Out

As you could guess, diet is one of the main influences when it comes to horse hair care. If you’re striving for a strong, shiny, and thick mane and tail, make sure to feed your horse a rich, nutritional diet. Protein, amino acids, and vitamins from high-quality forage materials will help promote the best hair health. 

Wash With Care

Choosing a good shampoo is an important first step when washing your horse’s mane and tail. Try and choose one that is light on sulfates (they dry hair out), and has a natural ingredient base, such as coconut oil. There are lots of options at every budget, so you should be able to find one that works for you. Considering climate conditions should also help with your decision.

Start from the roots and scrub to loosen all the dirt and oil trapped near the scalp. Massaging this area will also increase blood flow and encourage hair growth. Be cautious not to use too much conditioner, as too much oil will clog pores and attract dirt. 

The same process can be used for the tail – be sure to scrub out all the dirt and dead skin buildup.You can finish off the process with some leave-in conditioner if you really want the mane and tail to stay hydrated and shine.

Get the Right Tools For the Job

Using wide-toothed combs and dandy brushes will ensure a positive grooming experience for everyone involved. Be careful not to tug too hard and hurt your horse, this will stress them out and make them scared of grooming. 

You may also want to consider not brushing the tail and mane every day, as this will make the hair thin. It can take a long time for horses to regrow hair. Human hair brushes will break and damage hair, so make sure to avoid those.

Beautiful Braids

After your horse’s mane and tail are cleaned and moisturized, you can braid the hair to keep it pristine. Start at the top, and loosely start to braid the hair in two-inch sections. You can wave tighter as you go down, but don’t ever pull or make it too tight – the goal is to minimize breakage. You start loosely so that the braid isn’t pulling at the roots, which can be uncomfortable. 

And there you have it! We hope that these horse hair care tips get you excited about your next grooming session. BRD Vet Rx has been encouraging healthy horse care for almost 100 years. View our products or contact us today, we look forward to hearing from you.

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