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I don’t know about you, but as soon as the days get colder and the leaves start turning, I feel a sense of excitement. The seasonal change makes me eager to break out the decorations and find some new DIY projects to welcome autumn. Then I thought: “Why not use this creative motivation to come up with some fun horse stall ideas for my horse-loving friends?”

So grab a warm drink (preferably something with apple, pumpkin, or cinnamon), put your creative pants on, and let’s get into it!

Functional Horse Stall Ideas

If you’re ready to take on a bigger project that will benefit you and your horse for years to come, you might just “fall” for these horse stall ideas:

DIY Horse Washing Stall

Consider adding a horse washing station to your stall for easy grooming in any season. Add a concrete floor and drain, overhead shower system, and rubber floor mats to keep your horse clean, happy, and comfortable in any weather. 

Add a wall-mounted basket with brushes, shampoos, and any other grooming supplies of your choice for an all-in-one grooming station! This makes for easy cleanup, too.

DIY Horse Tack Room

Adding a separate tack room to store your bridles, saddles, blankets, and other equipment has many benefits. Dedicating a space for these items will reduce the risk of losing items because it will all be stored in one place. Adding a sliding door will help keep the dust out, and is less noisy than regular swinging doors – great for skittish horses.

Natural Lighting Ideas for Horse Stalls

The more natural light you can have, the more you save on electric bills during the day. Consider adding a sliding skylight or windows for a simple solution. You can also add a dutch door with bars on the bottom for extra ventilation. Always make sure to have adequate air flow for your horse’s health and happiness.

Why Are There So Many Different Types Of Horse Breeds?

Pumpkin spice and everything nice! It’s the little touches that make a space feel so special. So why not spread the autumn cheer with these fall-tastic horse stall ideas?

Halloween Horse Friendly Treat Recipes

Trick or treat, smell my…hooves? If cooking or baking is your passion, this is the perfect opportunity for you to have some fun this fall. On top of making your house smell delicious, bringing your horse some treats in moderation will build trust and is the perfect boredom buster. Check out these scary-delicious and easy recipes to treat your horse this fall season here.

Freshen Up Your Stall With Fall Scents

Horse stalls and stables usually get pretty stinky (not a big surprise). If you have the space to safely do so (a well-ventilated area in/near the stall where horses do not have access to touch/be overwhelmed by scent), try these wax melts. They have no open flame – just make sure that you supervise when in use. The comforting smell of apples and more will make the area more comforting.

Get Creative With Decor!

When you’re thinking of horse stall ideas, consider what’s already in front of you! Hay, pumpkins, berries, leaves, and corn are all great materials that can be repurposed as fall decor. Try making horse-themed jack-o-lanterns (find stencils here) for a spooky-fun flair. 

There you have it – the opportunities are endless! I bet you’ll come up with some un-be-leaf-able results. Love happy, healthy horses? View our products or contact BRD Vet Rx today.



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