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Signs of Horse Affection

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’re feeling the love in the air. Love for ourselves, our loved ones, the opportunities that lay in front of us, and love for our animal companions! You may find yourself wondering: “Does my horse like me? How will I know?”. Horse affection can be shown many ways, so we want to share some signs to look out for. 

1. Your Horse Comes to You Naturally

Many horses are driven by the delicious appeal of food. If your horse stops eating to come over to you, they are showing that you are more important than their current meal. Staying calm and affectionate around your horse as much as possible will make them feel safe and more likely to come over to you without being asked.

2. They Listen to Your Commands

Have you noticed that horses will try to assert dominance every time a new horse is brought into the pasture? As herd animals, horses have a pecking order and establishing dominance is an expected behavior. This doesn’t change when they’re around humans – they might try to disobey  you or buck to show that they are calling the shots. 

One major sign of horse affection is when they accept you as their leader and listen to your instructions with respect. When this happens, you and your horse are much more likely to form a closer bond. They enjoy having a kind leader, even if they also want to be the alpha of their herd. Spending quality time with your horse will only strengthen this bond.

3. Nuzzling and Nickering 

If your horse lets out a soft whinny or nicker when they see you, it’s a good thing! This is their way of expressing that they are happy to see you. Nuzzling is another form of affection. Whether they softly nudge or rub their lips on your shoulder, hand, or head, they are enjoying your presence. They may even give you a little kiss!

4. They Lean Against You

You may have noticed your horse leaning into you when you groom, pet, massage, or scratch them. This sign of horse affection is easy to notice and awfully cute. It’s also a sign that they trust you and see you as their leader. This is a good benchmark for knowing how your companion feels about you.

There you have it. As you strengthen your connection with your equine companion, keep an eye out for these signs of affection. Feel free to give some affection back with a treat, some pampering, and positive words of affirmation.

Instead of wondering: “Does my horse like me?”, think of ways you can make them feel more happy and at ease. They are very emotional creatures who can sense your emotions, so make sure to radiate peacefulness for the best opportunities to bond. 

If you are looking to improve your horse’s health or have any questions about your horse’s behavior, contact the horse health care experts at BRD Vet Rx. We have been specializing in helping your equine companion feel and perform their best for almost 100 years.

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