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Most people love a good massage, and they would probably love it even more if they regularly carried another person or two on their back. Have you ever considered getting one for your horse?

Top 5 Benefits to Equine Massage

  1. Injury Prevention

Just like humans, horses are more prone to injury when their muscles are tense, tight, and overused. If a muscle is in poor condition, they’re more likely to be pulled, or create wear and tear on their joints. Animals cannot tell us when they’re in pain, so it is a great idea to aim for pain prevention.

  1. Increases Flexibility and Range of motion

Horses are not especially flexible animals: they’re not often seen stretching and bending to funky yoga poses. In fact, horses are fairly limited to laying or standing, and in some cases, sitting. That being said, their natural range of motion is worth preserving because that can also prevent injuries. The more naturally your horse can move, the happier it will be.


  1. Pain relief

Muscle tension is not any less painful for horses than it is for people, therefore, your horse may greatly benefit from pain relief, especially in areas that contain scar tissue. The movement of stiff muscles in scar areas gradually loosens scar tissue, and improves the animal’s circulation. This is especially helpful for stall bound horses.


  1. Relaxation

Obviously, relaxing a horse’s muscles will help a horse relax. A horse may display it’s relaxed state in several ways, like licking, chewing, swaying into the massage, and even falling asleep!


  1. Trust

One of the top benefits of Equine Massage is building trust with your horse. This can help a horse learn that human touch can be a pleasant thing, and this is therefore often recommended for horses that have been rescued from abusive homes. In a healthy home setting, it is still beneficial, as it can show your horse that they mean much more than the work that you may put them to. Bonding with your horse can improve their loyalty to you.


Now that you know that benefits of equine massage, would you hire a massage therapist for your horse?


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