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Depending on where you live and keep your horse, you may not have much space for riding your horse at home. One of the best ways to enjoy the end of summer is to take your horse on a field trip and adventure to a trail together. Equestrian trails can offer many beautiful sites to see, and can vary in distance so you can easily find the right kind of trail for you.

Articles and Blogs

Because of the exploding popularity of blogging, many horse riders have written reviews of trails they have been to, and either submit them to equine publications or post them on their own blog. For example, Horse and Rider has a whole section of their website specifically dedicated to trail riding and finding trails to ride. Here, you can narrow down your search by region, or by the type of area you want to go to, such as National Parks.

One great thing about these publications is that it offers a very detailed and descriptive first-hand account of people who visited the trail. This provides a key insight to the trail experience that might be difficult to find elsewhere. These posts often include information on what it is like to stay there overnight, and options for managing your horses during your stay.


Several entrepreneurs saw the need to conveniently organize trail information into a format that could be easily searched, and filtered through based on what you’re looking for in a trail! As a result, there are several great, online or mobile resources for finding trails.


TrailMeister is an online resource for finding horse trails, but also much more, such as horse camps, horse product reviews, helpful how-to videos and more. They also allow you to create your own account, track trails that you have been to, and create bucket lists for future trails.

While all of their trails allow you make comments, it seems and so though their user base is small enough that many trails listed on their website don’t include reviews by people who have visited the trail. However, in the search feature, you can still easily read the amenities that each trail location has to offer so you can be prepared for your trip.


AllTrails is a popular resource for outdoor enthusiasts of all types! AllTrails offers both free and paid services to use their website or mobile app. By using AllTrails, you can search in specific areas, and filter by the activity (we know you’re using it for horse back riding, of course), the rating of reviews left by other visitors, the length of the trail, and even the types of attractions you want to see on the trail!

Just like TrailMeister, AllTrails allows you to save trails to lists you create so you can easily find them again. The paid subscription of AllTrails allows you to use GPS on your trail, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

A word of caution: because AllTrails is used by hikers, runners, bikers, and more, you may want to thoroughly read the details of a trail you pick through this app to determine what kind of groups you could be sharing a trail with and the popularity of the trail, especially if your horse is sensitive or easily spooked.

We hope this helped you find a way to secure a location for your next trail adventure. For more helpful information about horses, join our newsletter!

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