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From medicine studies to therapy and more, the benefits of horses in education are nearly endless. In celebration of national back to school month, let’s explore three key roles that horses play in different aspects of education and community.

Equine Veterinary Science

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Veterinary studies with horses have gotten us far – we’ve developed many medications to help other horses live their happiest and healthy lives. In addition, human doctors can learn a lot from working with horses in a equine veterinary science setting.

Much like people, horses feel emotions and form relationships. They are sensitive to their surroundings and can read the emotions and body language of those around them. Having a doctor learn how to interpret the horse’s reactions will make them more aware of their human patients. 

For example, they will learn how to sense if a patient is uncomfortable with the cold temperature of instruments, smells of disinfectants, or if they get anxious at the sight of a needle. This will help the doctor provide a more pleasant and efficient experience for both parties. 

Therapy With Horses

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When it comes to horses in education, therapy is well-known to benefit many people. There is a wide variety of programs to offer personalized remedies, such as Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy, Hippotherapy, Equine-Facilitated Learning, Therapeutic Riding, and more. These programs aim to help people who struggle with mental and cognitive issues, physical disabilities, and developmental delays.

Although every horse therapy program is different, people will learn how to trust, listen, and interact through with the horse. Students will be able to practice non-verbal cues and control impulses by learning how to calmly communicate their thoughts. 

There is a mutual respect for the horse and caretaker, and finding that balance will encourage patience and character growth. Riders will be able to improve balance and muscle control. Plus, getting outside and interacting with these impressive animals is fun and relaxing!

New Horseback Riders

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Introducing your child to horseback riding will teach them many hard and soft skills. For example, learning basic first aid such as how to take a pulse will instill a sense of responsibility and level-headness that will help with their human relationships. In addition, new horseback riders take on the mechanics of riding while how to effectively communicate with the horse. This provides many emotional benefits.

Children who care for horses will learn that patience, compassion, and empathy are essential. They will be able to use these skills to form healthy connections at a younger age. And when challenges arise, learning how to work through frustrations in a calm way is great practice.


Consider the Benefits

Whatever the method, horses in education are a fun and effective way to benefit people from varying backgrounds. From mental and physical healing to learning mutual respect and how to communicate without words, horses play an important role in benefiting your community. As people around the world prepare to go back to school with the quest for knowledge, take a second to appreciate how horses have benefited the lives of so many people.


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