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The Basics of Breeding

At the ripe age of three, a horse can be bred. While some say two, the recommended age is generally three. Horse Selection: When it comes to breeding, this is usually the first step in the process. Finding the superior match for your stallion or mare is not simple task. It requires a heavy analysis […]

What’s the deal about horseshoes?

Fun fact: The earliest form of a horseshoe was developed in Asia and was a simple piece of hide that was sewn around the entire hoof. It wasn’t until the sixth and seventh centuries that metal horseshoes made their appearance.   Why do some people use horseshoes? Horseshoes come in a great variety, and for […]

Deworming Your Horse

Fun fact: Did you know that horses always have a small number of parasites in their GI tract? It is important to regularly treat your horse for worms, as worms are one of the leading contributors to colic in horses, and can cause other medical troubles. It was once believed that horses should be treated […]

Happy April Foal’s Day!

Happy April Foal’s Day! While we discourage you from pranking your horse, as horses don’t understand pranks, we thought it would be great to share some horse related humor on this fine, spring day! There are many horse jokes and puns, but these ones are our favorites. What did the mare say to her foal? […]

Preparing for Foaling

While many of us still wade in the effects of winter, we know Spring will be here before we know it! At BRD, we know that Spring Time means Foaling Time, and in this blog post we want to help you be prepared for foaling in any way that you can.   The foaling Process […]

Horse Buying: Other Resources

This is the final post in BRD’s three-part series, which covers different options for buying a horse and things to consider when selecting where to buy your next horse. Our previous topics covered online resources and a review of horse auctions. In this post, we will discuss other methods of finding a horse that we […]

Horse Buying: Online Resources

This is the second part of a three-part series which covers the different options for buying a horse, and things to consider when selecting where to buy your next horse. Today’s topic covers online shopping for horses, but if you would like to read more about other options for where you can buy a horse, […]

Horse Buying: Auctions Overview

This is the first of a three-part series where we will discuss and analyze the different methods of buying a horse. In this post, we will discuss horse auctions. Almost every state in the US has Horse Auctions, usually hosted once a week, or once a month. These usually occur at livestock markets, where horses […]

Horse Talk: Oral Exams

When is the best time to take your horse to the dentist? Before tooth-hurty. Does my horse really need to see a dentist? In short, yes. There have been many changes to horses’ lives that effect their teeth throughout the process of domestication, such as changes in diet, and selective breeding without dental considerations. This […]

Top 5 Benefits of Equine Massage

Most people love a good massage, and they would probably love it even more if they regularly carried another person or two on their back. Have you ever considered getting one for your horse? Top 5 Benefits to Equine Massage Injury Prevention Just like humans, horses are more prone to injury when their muscles are […]